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Create  Tickets for mutiple Tenants using Employee Role Only.

Question asked by La-Qa on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by Kyle_R

Hello SD Teams


I want to discuss my environment with the expert consultant here. Currently we have have sdm with NO Tenants Installed yet. Now we have implemented sdm 17.1 and want to enable Multi Tenants in our servicedesk. You can see below screenshot of employee home page where our end users create Incident, Request & Change Orders.


Currently when end user create 'CRM Incident', user also see categories of ERP, RMS, HELPDESK and CONTACT CENTER because IN form is using by all.


Now we are planning to create tenants new sdm like




4.Contact Center

So the end user can see their own relevant data on form. Like if user create RMS incident, so only Only RMS data show on form and not other. so this can be do able by having tenants.


But we have almost 10,000 + endusers who create multple incidents like CRM and helpdesk both...some users create Contact center and ERP  Incident Both.


Now if the user is under CRM Tenant. How will the user can create ticket for other tenants also from employee role.???? as we have more than 10,000 endusers who has only Employee accesstype. and we cannot assign them any other role.


Please put your  suggestionss