#[Fixed Defects] for April 11, 2018

Discussion created by JohnStreeter Employee on Apr 11, 2018

DE40245 - Sorting the Timeboxes > Iterations page by 'Work Products' breaks the page
DE39600 - Iteration Status page and Iteration Tracking App are not sorting the Parent column correctly if there are both User stories and Features as Parents
DE39673 - The Submitted By field gets erased when inline editing defects in the defect list view
DE40046 - Team Board Intermittently Doesn't Load
DE35027 - ISP and Custom Board do not show Defects when filtering by Multi Value field
DE39723 - Help icon not working on EDP
DE39610 - When viewing QDP as a viewer, all fields are greyed out, including blocked/ready
DE39948 - For Test Case: 'Notes' section is missing in QDP.
DE37270 - Filtering on Multi-value custom fields on grid pages when sorting by a Text field causes duplicates to appear in the list
DE39934 - Subscription Export (XML or JSON) does not contain all artifacts.
DE38656 - 524 Error when trying to retrieve object type 'Change'
DE39113 - Creatable listed twice for the TypeDefinition object in the API
DE39844 - Iteration Status page is not loading for certain users
DE39853 - Team Planning isn't loaded, stuck on saying Loading.. - happening sporadically on all browsers (Chrome, IE, FF)
DE36935 - Changing the Test Set for a Test Case Result does not result in a revision on the Test Case.
DE39801 - On Users page, if sorted by 'Password Expires (Days)', red flare is thrown: 'Could not read: could not read all instances of class com.f4tech.slm.domain.User for class User.'
DE34513 - Previous Menu Item (page) no longer selected in the top menu
DE38930 - Custom boolean fields return null in WSAPI instead of false (the default value)
DE39504 - IE11 Specific: Discussion Preview window displays constant "Loading" message
DE39689 - Can't create/edit Notification Rule
DE39446 - IE11 does not list drop-down fields on Project Users page
DE39767 - ??'s showing up in revision history after editing a value in State field
DE39683 - A2 (Lookback) Charts and apps not rending chart data


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