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.NET CLR v2 & V4 - No reporting

Question asked by Richard_Mendoza on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2018 by Richard_Mendoza

Hi team,


I currently have a .Net agent installed on a server that has CLR v2 and CLR v4. The sites to monitor are with .Net Framework v4. In the introscope, only the perfmoncollector is being displayed. According to the literature, to monitor both CLR the following line must be activated: com.wily.introscope.nativeprofiler.monitor.inprocsxs.multiple.clrs = v2, v4 It has already been done, and even so it is not showing the desired sites.




- The application servers are in a network segment different from the MOM.

- Telnet and ping tests have already been carried out, and all Ok

- This is displayed: * SuperDomain * | SRVWEB2 | .NET Process | PerfMonCollectorAgent.exe | PerfMon | .NET CLR Exceptions

- The antivirus is inactivated, to adjust the profile. And the IIS was restarted, and even then it did not work.


What other tests can be done?