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E2E Appmon: Clicking inside an application in a RDP session

Question asked by on Apr 12, 2018
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I have to write an E2E script for a customer.


Workflow is as follows:

1. Nimrecorder on windows 7 box, running VNC

2. Start flow: Log in to RDP farm

3. Open MS Dynamics AX client

4. Do X number of manipulations on different functions

5. Close MS Dynamics AX client

6. Log off RDP farm

7. End flow


Point 2, 3, 5 and 6 are working fine.

But point 4 is just failing whatever I try.


I'm using Bitmaps to capture the mouseclicks because I'm running in a RDP window, plus it's resolution independent.


Seems that within the dynamics client, he won't mouseclick properly on the bitmap.


Example: I have a shortcut in the client called Stock Management. The bitmap has been saved and if I set the function: if ClickOnBitmap("C:\Program Files (x86)\NimSoft\e2e_scripting\Scripts\Bitmaps\AX_Stock_Management.bmp",left,single) = 0 then MsgBox ("Bitmap found") endif , it will trigger, so he recognizes the bitmap on the screen.


I see the focus on the window (application) changing color, so he does seem to click inside the application, however, he does NOT click on the bitmap itself because I'm not getting the button press and the required screen.


This seems to be an issue in every application I open inside the RDP window. As long as I stay in the RDP window, I can launch applications using the ClickOnBitmap function. If I go into the application itself, it seems like the function just clicks on the window of the application, instead of the bitmap of the application.


Hope my example makes sense.


I cannot record my actions directly because the application in question always opens up on a different location, so absolute mouseclicks are out of the question.  I cannot set it maximized because I'm not administrator on the RDP server.


Question now is: Has anyone any experience with this? Is this possible at all or am I asking too much of the nimrecorder/wintask?