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Limiting Operations Tab content to specific Process Watcher with EEM policies

Question asked by JonBurgin on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by MWNiebuhr


PAM v 4.2 and EEM v 12.5.1

I'm trying to create a set of EEM Policies allowing a user to access a specific Process Watcher via the operations tab but not access the default Process Instances view that shows all running & completed processes.

(Alternatively if there is a way to use EEM to filter what the user can see on the Process Instances view that would work but I don't believe there is).


Garrr  - EEM Policies! I can't get it to work, I can only seem to get all or nothing.


I am copying the default PAM 40 Operations Policy. See screenshot for example.

If I set up the policy as above, adding the process watcher as a resource, the Operations tab is not visible at all.

If I remove the specific resource so it shows the default [all resources] I get access to the operations tab and everything in it. I know that I can remove access to tasks, resources etc in the Operations tab by un-ticking the Action options but I cannot find a way of specifying a specific Resource and still having access to the Operations Tab.


Another point that makes it hard to diagnose and test is the Sync between me changing a EEM policy and it actually applying when I log in is incredibly long (I think around 15 mins), which makes it very difficult to debug.

If anyone knows how to improve this can you let me know?