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Baseline Time slices

Question asked by TiagoAb on Apr 12, 2018
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Recently we are detecting alot of issues with the timeslices that store baseline information such as MONTHLYCURRENTBASEPROJUSAGE etc... these slices (particularly the current baseline) are used in many reports and portlets that are used regularly by the users. The problem we are facing is the values that are queried from this slices are wrong, having alot of values that simply does not correspond to the actual data of the baselines of the projects. This have alot of impact in the utilization and trust in the data, having to force a recalculation of these slices via UI by the support team.


What can be the causes of this "corruption" of data of these time slices? And what steps can we try to figure out what is happening with the time slicing job?


I attached a print of the properties of one of the time slices, (we do not see any errors in logs).


Thank you for the help!