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How to set the path for LISA_RELATIVE_PROJ_ROOT in Service image manager

Question asked by sdabbiru on Apr 12, 2018

Hi All,


I'm trying to create service Images using the traffic file and the VRS file in the service Image Manager.Below is the command I'm trying from the command line.


ServiceImageManager.exe -v D:\SplitXmls\test.vrs -i D:\SplitXmls\traffic.xml -s D:\ServiceImageMangerVSI\ServiceName.vsi


The Image I'm trying to create uses a copybook DPH and the same is being provisioned by the vrs file, but the issue I see is the path which gives the location to the payload mapping file in represented as below in the vrs file.




When executed, I get a file not found exception and the VSI is not created. Since the service Image manager is running from a command line, how will the {{LISA_RELATIVE_PROJ_ROOT}} will be resolved. 


Do I need to hard code the  {{LISA_RELATIVE_PROJ_ROOT}}  with the folder path which contains the Payloadmapping file?

Secondly, the vrs file is also used by the image manager to load the MQ assets. I believe even those cannot be resolved as the path for the config is represented as below.

<AssetInfo type="javax.jms.Destination" hashcode="999839010"><Url>config://dest-EA6062C2205E11E8BF32005056A91D94</Url>


Could you please advice how we can get around with these issues. Do I need to alter the VRS file as mentioned above to handle these issues?