How do you validate some parm changes are in effect?

Discussion created by calvin.g.anton on Apr 13, 2018

When we change a parm in JOBTRA00 we have to show evidence that the parm is in effect. JOBTRA00 parms do not show up during the start of the address space and there is no command to display the JOBTRA00 parms that are actually in effect. This makes getting our change requests approved very difficult because we cannot prove that many of the parms that are modifiable have actually been effectuated. Especially parms that require a restart of the Jobtrac address space. Example. I need to change the MONITORDELAY parm as prescribed by CA. The PARMS command is not satisfactory as all it does is browse/edit the defined TRACPARM PDS. It is worthless as it has no bearing on what Jobtrac was initialized with. Not having this capability seems to be product deficiency.  How does one validate that certain parms are actually in effect?