Display variants of a report in SAP

Discussion created by Alexander_Trenker_120 on Feb 8, 2013
Log on to SAP Transaction SE38 Type in the program name, in my example RSUSR002 c3a8296d49e52c94af09faf5710955.jpg Choose Variants and click on Display 525ac1ee78aa7bb5580d1c8b3195f4.jpg Click F4 The variants of the program RSUSR002 are displayed: 2ce95a6b875e0391c96782c8409440.jpg Choose one of the variants ece838f992208add38f44fa997ddfa.jpg Choose either Attributes or Values that you want to display Attributes: 2e365922e65617a1b2c3679033d0af.jpg Values: 01ec98d0313ea8c49f2a8f3dffe7cc.jpg