Password Encryption for Command Line

Discussion created by Matthew_Busch_158 on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by Rob_Fetterhoff_1512
Under V9 SP5 the way you encrypt passwords for command line execution has changed. Below is an example of UC4 script that allows for encryption and passing of passwords from a Login Object. This example uses Oracle SQLLDR. :SET &PW# = GET_LOGIN("LOGIN.OEBS","*",OEBS,PASSWORD) echo &PW# &UC_JOBMD CMD="sqlldr userid=apps/&PW# control=/home/applmgr/Autoinvoice/tip.ctl log=/home/applmgr/Autoinvoice/&INV_SRC#_&TIME_STAMP#.log DATA=/home/applmgr/Autoinvoice/&INV_SRC#_&TIME_STAMP#.txt BAD=/home/applmgr/Autoinvoice/&INV_SRC#_&TIME_STAMP#.bad" The key thing now is you must define a specific TYPE of login that is not A UC4 provided type like OS type, DB, etc. You will notice that the type of login used in the command is OEBS. This is a custom type that was created by placing an entry in the UC_LOGIN_TYPES. GET_LOGIN(Login object, Name, Type, Information) Type - The type of the Login entry. Format: script variable, UC4 name or script literal.