UI Timing out after short period of inactivity

Discussion created by Jennifer_Jinhong_34 on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2014 by Stevin_Turrentine_1985
I noticed that my UI would timeout and require re-connection after a period of inactivity. (I like to leave my UI open all the time) To resolve the issue I added the following line to the uc4config.xml:
2</active_keepalive> Definition: time frame</active_keepalive> Time in minutes in which the UserInterface sends messages to the Automation Engine in order to keep the connection. This parameter does not depend on . The setting activates and keeps the connection on socket level which means that the time interval of keep-alive packages cannot be influenced. addresses the program level. </code></pre> So now the uc4config.xml looks like:
     ../../docu                  ../temp/UCDJ_LOG_##.TXT      ../temp/UCDJ_TRC_##.TXT      1</tcpip_keepalive>      2</active_keepalive>      1</tcp_nodelay>      1048576      1048576