Testing PeopleSoft Connection

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If you encounter issues starting the PeopleSoft Agent and see the following in the Agent log: U2007010 Error connecting to the Application Server '<servername>:<portnumber>' and <user> '' It could mean there's an issue with the connection of that server to PeopleSoft. Test the connection using the attached psconnect tool below. (This tool was created using only Peoplesoft files) The only other file needed is the psjoa.jar file in the directory defined. The command to run the tool is: java -cp ./psjoa.jar:./psconnect.jar sdk_bus_exp.sdk_bus_exp You may encounter something like the following errors: GetCompIntfc on SDK_BUS_EXP failed... (90,90) : Not Authorized (90,6) (0,0) : Failed to execute PSSession request (91,91) : Cannot find Component Interface {SDK_BUS_EXP} (91,2) If so, please do the following steps: .) Sign on the PS .) create a permissions list that contain all SDK* component interfaces .) create a role that contains this permission list .) add the role to your PS user CKBATCH Run the test program again. If you're still having issues, please contact Automic Support at