Setting VMWare guest IP when/after deploying a VM from template

Discussion created by Osman_Kayhan_304 on Jul 22, 2013
Hi All, We are using UC4 vmware agent to deploy linux VMs from template. This is ok but   we need to set the IP of the VMs  when or after deploying it from a template. But there is no such an option in the “Deploy from template” Uc4 Action. (Or another action including a function to set the IP of a VM) On another customer we put a UC4 agent in to the templates and after deploying vm It gets IP from DHCP and agent start to run.So  we can do everything on the newly created VM via uc4 agent. But this Customer do not have a DHCP so we could not use this solution. I’m thinking to check the vmware CLI  or PowerCLI but before doing this I wonder If some one  did this before or what is the best practise? Many thanks, Osman