Using AWS Redshift using a Windows Agent / SQL Workbench, loading files from AWS S3

Discussion created by willy_alvarez_automic on Sep 30, 2013
1. Get the firewall right. 2. Install the SQL Workbench, the JDBC PostgreSQL driver on the windows box.  Make sure the workbench and the JDBC driver are both either 32 bit or 64 bit. Follow this document from AWS that walks you through the process very nicely: docs.aws.amazon.com/redshift/latest/mgmt/connecting-using-workbench.html 3. Create a SQLWorkbench profile, which will save authentication info, etc.  You will call this profile from the command line.  This is also explained in detail in the AWS tutorial from step 2. Here's how my profile looks. fc133582c6e489f255bed20b709764.jpg 4. Finally, here's how to build a text file with the SQL Script, and below is how the report looks. f0bdfafa5c3e202e0ab33ea0775e5b.jpg 47247db1a7823909bd430c68cf0917.jpg