Automic Automation v9 & Axway's Secure Transport Integration

Discussion created by EricGauthier608693 on Nov 14, 2013
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Hi there, we use Automic Automation v9 at BECU.  We currently use Axway's Secure Transport for all file transfers.  This was selected years ago, based off its secuity protocals, etc.  There are some shortcomings as far as scheduling capibilities goes in the SecureTransport product.  So we are looking to see if Automic Automation Engine with the File Transfer RA would work for us.  Are there users out there that just use Automic products for all their enterprise file transfers?   Are there users out there that use SecureTransport with Automic Automation via Api or webservices?  Or maybe integrated with another File Transfer product.  Any help would be apprecaited. -Eric