File Event Unable to access Windows "share"

Discussion created by Laura_Albrechto_270 on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by VinceSola604564

:) Having a strange issue with a file event not being able to find a file on a share that is defined to a windows server.

This is a new thing for us and we initially set this up in September and it worked.  Now we went to implement and it no longer works.  We're not sure why.

I can run a job on the server and see the share just fine - but obviously file events do not have a login object defined.

Someone is telling me that the file event uses the userid of the person who created it.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?  Or have any insight on what the issue might be?  I have worked with the product a long time and I have never heard of this.