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Automic Internal Webservices (uc4ws)

Question asked by Jeroen_van_Gils_523 on Dec 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by peter_grundler_automic


Does anyone have a proper manual on how to use the internal uc4 webservices?

I am trying to call the Automic Internal webservices from within Automic with the webservice RA plugin. Basically, I want to do this because I think it should be possible but also to find out whether is would be possible from another application (e.g. Microsofts Orchestrator). The webservice RA plugin is working fine when I try to access an 'easy' webservice without authorization. 

I think the installation went fine because the connection is ok (logon andlogoffmethods are working fine). All the other function calls, however, state

Unable to create complex or array type with value ..., the value must be a saved variable from a prior job.

Where the dots are filled in with whatever variable name I chose for the request parameter. I tried to create a variable in a prior step but I don't understand which type of variable is expected. Even for empty requests an (empty?!) object should be provided otherwise a serialization error is given.

In the scarce documentation in the help file, it is mentioned that the sessionId as returned from thelogoncall should be provided in an http header so I tried that, as well. But alas no result (I am not sure the HTTP header is even provided in the request.

Any experiences here?