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External dependency

Question asked by FredS on Dec 24, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by ShashankSingh606566

I must be missing something really easy or my expectations of how an 'external dependency' works is invalid.  I have tried several different ways but cannot figure out how to accomplish an "ENDED_OK_OR_INACTIV" scenario.  For a job/object in a flow that is a successor to an 'external' the properties/dependencies settings for the 'status' only has 3 options (as listed in the manual).

  • ENDED_INACTIVE - the external dependency is inactive due to Calendar conditions or manual interference.
  • ENDED_SKIPPED - the expected end status of the external task did not occur within the defined time span. According to the specification made in the external dependency, it is skipped.
  • ENDED_OK - the external task's expected end status occurred. Thus, the external dependency is fulfilled.

How or can you accomplish an expected 'status' of "ENDED_OK_OR_INACTIV"?  I know this is not an this controlled by the  'expected status' of the external itself.  This is what I am starting to test now.

Meaning in a flow if an external is defined to run daily and has successors but that external job/object only runs 'workdays' this 'blocks' on the weekend.