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Workflow Question - assess file size

Question asked by LynnSlaga605066 on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by Hoai_Truong-Thi-Thu_5649

Hi I am a newbie to Automic.  Here is my question:

  I have a Workflow that kicks off a process in PeopleSoft to generate an output file.  That file may contain rows of data I want to pass to my target system or the file may only contain the column headers and I would like to not pass that file; just archive it in the PeopleSoft folder (later task in workflow).  Is there a way to modify my event object to assess the scenario (file size) to determine what task to execute next?  Right now the event is looking for a file size greater than 128 bytes.  If the file is less than 128 bytes the workflow currently ends. 


File with rows to pass: execute all workflow tasks (transfer to UC4, transfer to target system, archive file in PS)

File with no rows to pass:  at the event task if the file is less than 128 bytes move to the archive file in PS task (6) – skipping all the transfer tasks

Thanks for any insight!