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Is there a way to make SEND_MAIL work ONLY when a job fails?

Question asked by Adrian_Weber_565 on Jan 28, 2014
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My team is in the process of setting up Automic for the first time.  We are trying to re-create some functionality that we have in V8 right now, which includes renaming the REPORT LOG files (making them reflect the name of the job which ran instead of just using the PID as a name), and having them sent to support teams as an e-mail attachment. 

We have had success in the above so far, and are pretty pleased with the results.  However, we do NOT want to get an e-mail with an attachment every time the job runs, ONLY when it fails.  E-mail is being generated post-process, via the command:

:set &runid# = Send_mail (xxxxx, ,xxxx,,,)


Now, I need to know how to trigger that ONLY on job failure.

Any help would be GREATLY welcome!


Thank you!