ATTACH_SYNC and Generate at runtime

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by Mark_Hadler_430

The v9 Automation Engine Script Guide page on ATTACH_SYNC states:

You can also use this script statement to assign a Sync object to one of the following tasks of a Workflow, thereby influencing further processing. The option Generate at runtime must be activated in tasks whose scripts contain a script statement. The following task - to which a Sync should be assigned - must already be active and have its own RunID.Therefore, the option Generate at runtime must not be activated. The parameter NEXT_OBJECT can be used to assign a Sync to the direct child of a task in a Workflow. The only restriction is that there must not be more than one child. [Emphasis mine]
Is there any way around this limitation? I need to attach a SYNC object to a job some of whose variables are set in previous jobs. To summarize, there are two constraints:
  • The values of many of the job’s variables are not known at workflow activation time.
  • The name of the SYNC object is also not known ahead of time, but determined programmatically.

I certainly hope the Automation Engine does not make these constraints mutually exclusive. Thanks for any input!