Execute a DTEXEC batch file (.bat) in an AUTOMIC windows job

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I am trying to execute a DTEXEC batch file (.bat) in an AUTOMIC windows job, but the job seems to be looking on the AUTOMIC server not the target server for the executable.    The job fails every time saying it can’t find DTEXEC.  We moved a copy of DTEXEC to the AUTOMIC server, and the job stopped failing, but of course nothing happened because SQL server is not running on that box.




Here are the contents of my batch file:


echo Loading BPC Data


dtexec /f "E:\PC_MS\Data\Webfolders\Madeira\Landing\DataManager\PackageFiles\CustomFiles\Load_BPC_Data_All.dtsx"


echo %errorlevel%




exit /b %errorlevel%

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Rich Wittich

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