Scheduler starting event multiple times

Discussion created by Jeroen_van_Gils_523 on Feb 24, 2014
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I am not sure what is happening here but it looks like an event in my scheduler object (v10) is recreated every day and keeps the old event running. I have a simple database event that starts a workflow using ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT and a scheduler that hosts this event (start time 15.45, turnaround 00:00 each day, 0 concurrent processes).

After running the scheduler for one week I somehow ended up with 5 active events. I don't think it is supposed to work that way; can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

My scheduler and the event

The execution/activation of the event


Statistics of the last week


I don't understand why I see 5 "sleeping" events which start time (according to their running time) is separated by 48 hours each. Also, I don't get why the activities window shows the event was executed every day at the start time and can't give me a status. I think I can fix the behavior by altering the number of concurrent processes to '1' but I want to understand why this happens... Any help is appreciated!