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Installation issue with autoimation engine's [V9,Sp8.0] user interface

Question asked by Pratima_Mokkala_845 on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2014 by Pratima_Mokkala_845

I could successfully download the userinterface from automic download site.But after installation ,the UCDJ.EXE when ever invoked flashes for a while as though its opening and immediately vanishes.Just wondering where I went wrong.
Below are the step by step instructions on download of user interface:
1. From downloads site, selected the below filters:
     Automation Engine ----> 9.00A ----> User interface --->java
There were two options for the 4th filter java/web ..Not sure which one to pick? I tried both .

2. Updated the uc4config.xml with the right connections.But we have an issue connecting to those ips..I have requested the helpdesk at our end to help us access those ips. Is this causing the issue?

3.We have java 6 on our machine.

Where can I download the installation guide to install the user interface on my machine. I could not figure out from the downloads site.Can you please send in the exact filters that I need to pick for user interface [automation engine V9, Sp8.0]