Getting Started/Best Practices

Discussion created by Todd_Ellebracht_531 on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2014 by Mark_Hadler_430

Hi all - I've been looking through the Knowledge base and the discussion boards looking for helpful hints, etc. for getting started.

We have Automic 10 installed and have done a few basic things.  We have put together some workflows; scheduled via calendars, events, and schedules; retrieved decision making information from databases and flat files; started jobs and built some email notifications.

But now we're looking to get some of our heavy lifting production processes migrated into Automic.

I'm looking for some pointers/lessons learned:

  • how to handle dev > test > prod promotion of workflows
  • naming standards that work well
  • organization of objects
  • building workflows/objects/etc. that are parameter driven such that moving environments (and the underlying systems) can be adjusted through configurations rather than changing objects.  For instance - referencing or running processes on the dev databases compared to test or prod.

The documentation I've seen recommends contemplating these topics, but doesn't really point out best practices, things to avoid, etc.

Any advice or lessons learned would be greatly appreciated.  Or pointers to where these topics may have been discussed.