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How do I schedule the job so it runs only on first x business days of month?

Question asked by TomoshiMorita608550 on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by JGi604607

I'd like to schedule a job, which is required to run on only first five business days.  For example, Jan 2nd (Thu), Jan 3rd (Fri), Jan 6th (Mon), Jan 7th (Tue), and Jan 8 (Wed) in 2014.

In the calendar object, we've got the keywords, WEEKDAY (Weekly), HOLIDAY.ONTARIO (Static), and BUSINESSDAY.ONTARIO (Group using WEEKDAY and HOLIDAY.ONTARIO).

It doesn't seem to be possible to come up with a Calendar keyword that defines the first x business days each month.  I've tried Roll without any luck.

Appreciate any options / ideas.