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relative if condition is not working as designed

Question asked by Venkata_Sudheer_856 on Feb 28, 2014
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I am new to the community.

When i tried the relative if condition it is not working as designed.

The script is as described

:set &count1# = '0'
:set &count2# = '1'
:set &check#  = '0'
:SET &check#  = FORMAT("&check#","0")
:SET &count1# = FORMAT("&count1#","0")
:SET &count2# = FORMAT("&count2#","0")
:If "&check#" NE "&count1#" OR "&count2#"
:  print "Error"
:  print "No Error"
: endif

As per the above script the desired output is "Error".

But the output what we get is  "No Error"

We are using version 8 and object used for testing is windows job

If we understand the function of the relative if condition is not correct then please explain 

Kindly someone help us regarding this issue.