Verifying ucybchng change rules

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Mar 14, 2014
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Our deployment process involves the processucybdbun → ucybchng → ucybdbld.

The change rules used for ucybchng are user-defined. Sometimes the information provided by the user contains invalid change rules. Because the run of ucybdbun often takes a long time, I decided to add a check of the change rules prior to the DB unload. I did this by running ucybchng with the user change rules and a dummy transport case. The resultant file is discarded; only the return code and output of ucybchng are important for this step. If there is a problem with the change rules, the change program will end with RC 5 and the user is informed that there is a problem with the change rules he/she has specified. The process does not continue to the unload step unless the check of the rules runs successfully.

The approach using a dummy transport case works pretty well. Perhaps there is a more straightforward way to do this, but if so, I was not able to find one.

It would be nice if the change programucybchng had an option tojust check the syntax of change rules. It would take as its input only one argument: the name of the change rule file. This would obviate the need for the dummy transport case.