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AE v9: KillSignal = SIGTERM (too wimpy) or SIGKILL (too mean). Anyone have a better solution?

Question asked by JessicaIsaacson603938 on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2014 by JessicaIsaacson603938

Our AppWorx installation (I'm not sure if it was a custom script or a regular feature) had a Unix/Linux kill script which tried a more graceful "kill -15" signal first, but then moved on to "kill -9" if the process or children didn't actually end after a few seconds.

We've had several occasions lately where the child processes continued to do work (deleting records, no less), even after the job was in ENDED_CANCEL status.

So, we'll switch to SIGKILL all the time, but since it doesn't allow for graceful shutdown of processes, it's not ideal. I was wondering if anyone's developed a workaround that's more like I described above?