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Has anyone had to set up a job/process that would run on a recurring basis between X and Y hours?

Question asked by Adrian_Weber_565 on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by Günter_Schulmeister_351

In our environment, we have certain jobs in V8 that are running between Xam and Ypm, every 15 minutes.  In AUTOMIC, I've found the TIME EVENT OBJECT to handle the recurring (every 15 minutes) part of the request, but I can't figure out how to limit it to the hours of Xam to Ypm (let's say 10am to 6pm).

My thought is that I'd have to put it in a schedule that starts at 10am, and has a Period Turnaround at 6pm.  However, that seems awkward and inefficient. 

Any ideas would be most welcome.