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Need some ECC help (newbie)

Question asked by daryl.brown_ACI on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by daryl.brown_ACI

I'm playing around with the ECC today, and have a bunch of questions / problems.  Hopefully those of you who use it frequently can answer some of these for me:

Java / thick client

  • What permissions are required in order for users to add folders/objects to their user's Favorites?  User is currently getting 'Access Denied' trying to move a folder into their personal Favorites folder.
  • Is there a way for an administrator to add particular objects / folders to the Favorites for a particular user (other than himself), rather than that user's group?  Or can a user only add personal favorite objects if he has access to the java client as well?
  • I've dragged one of the top-level folders for objects under my personal Favorites folder.  If I decide I want to replace this favorite with a different folder, is there an easy way to clear favorites?  If I try to delete the folder, it gives an error about "cannot delete folders that contain other folders".

Service Catalog / Process Monitoring

  • Can the ECC not handle interactive READ prompts?  It appears that objects get stuck in generating in these cases.  (I've filed INC0320341 for this.)  It does appear that it can handle promptsets okay, but our workflows are rife with READ prompts, as we've found them to have some advantages over promptsets...
  • What does Service Catalog>Catalog show?  I either get a message saying "There are currently no catalog items available for your user", or else it times out.  What are catalog items?  The help page seems to skip right over this button.
  • I'm now getting a lot of Timeout errors trying to pull up my Favorites folder.  What can explain this?

Process Assembly

  • Where are the workflow's variables defined?  I only see these defined for the objects within the workflow.