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Is it possible to set value of custom object variable in process script?

Question asked by HermanVanbrussel610323 on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by Pete Wirfs


Hello all,

In the 'variables and promts' tab of a process flow I have defined two custom variables but without putting a value in them! In the 'process' tab I generate the values of these variables and then I want to put the value in the objects variable. Unfortunately the runtime details tell me: "U0020343 Runtime error in object 'JOBP.NEW.1', line '0003'. Cannot change attribute 'JAAR' for object type 'JOBP'."

So apparently the value of these 2 custom variables cannot be set using :PUT_ATT script command? Is there another way to do this? Another script command?


In fact I was hoping to find a solution for the following: In the parent process flow a uc4 script generates about 20.000 runs of another jobplan. Each of these jobplans will have to read some variables to be used in their jobs. I used to put the values of these variables in a VARA-object. One vara-object for each of the 20.000 activated jobplans. Doing this we've put UC4 server on its knees. :-(

So I've changed the uc4 script so that it generates 100 jobplans at a time and waits for them to end. Then the next 100 and so on until the end. Every launched jobplan reads it variables from its own vara object and at the end the vara object is deleted.

Works fine until ... the jobplans all end with ENDED_NOT_OK. Their vara object is not deleted so that a rerun can be performed. The result is that the jobplans are launched 100 at a time but the 20.000 vara objects stay in the uc4 database. Again the uc4 server was on its knees. :-(

So the objective is to pass a limited number of variables and their values to a lot of jobplans. A rerun of failing jobplans must be possible and when all jobplans fail the  uc4 db and server must be able to handle this situation.

Any hints? Thanks for your replies, Herman.