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Windows agents

Question asked by Erin_Grooms_1183 on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by Erin_Grooms_1183

Hi everyone.  Long time user, first time poster.  :)  I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences.  We are using Applications Manager v8.

We've recently added a windows agent server to run a number of batch files which use PSExec to execute commands on yet another windows machine.  Usually these are simple batch scripts or server reboots, which I have had no issues with.  However, I get issues when I attempt to run exes or vbs files with interactive elements.  For example, we are attempting to run an executable which, when run manually, pops up a GUI box for a few seconds, then either disappears (success), or pops an alert.  When I run this same exe via appworx, the job will never finish.  I get similar issues when trying to run VBS's that use office.

Has anyone tried running GUI-based executables in Windows via Applications Manager?  How about VBS scripts?