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Jobs can stall in "Scanning Reports" status (V9-SP5)

Discussion created by Pete Wirfs on May 7, 2014
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I was wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior, or has any ideas?  I've been unable to re-create this issue since I have yet to understand what is causing it.

Very infrequently, and on random jobs running on different agents, a job will get stuck in "Scanning Reports" mode.  When this happens we manually change the status of the job to "Ended_OK" and the workflow continues.  

I believe this happens because UC4 is unable to complete the transfer of the standard output report to the UC4 database.  This report is still available to us after we apply the manual fix, but in its temp folder for the agent.

We also use the "Output Scan" feature on a lot of our jobs.  So this brings up another question of mine; does "Output Scan" processing take place in the agent or in the AutomationEngine?

I've been searching for a correlation with network performance issues and server performance issues, but haven't found a smoking gun yet.