uc4 skip external dependency in JAVA

Discussion created by Santosh_Kumar_1299 on May 29, 2014

Myself Santosh Kumar working with PAYPAL/EBAY INC.

I am working on UC4 with JAVA. I am able to execute and read the jobplans and lots of stuff.


But I stuck in skipping , I am not able to skip the jobs in a jobplan.

Lets take the example:


I have one jobplanCC_PP_ALERTS,  and it consist of 2 events,2 jobs,2 external jobs.

So if I run this jobplan and in middle of execution I  want to skip any one of these jobs  like how we are doing in  UC4 manually.

The same operation I want to do with JAVA.


Kindly help we out, kindly share me java api for this. If possible share me the documents also..