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File transfer - ENDED_EMPTY vs ENDED_NOT_OK?

Question asked by daryl.brown_ACI on Jun 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by Ibrahim_Ghouth_267

Several of our workflows use a file transfer task to pick up any "old" files that might have been left behind by previous runs of a utility before we start a new run of that same utility.  Since usually there aren't such files, we configure the workflow so that subsequent task(s) have a dependency of ENDED_OK_OR_EMPTY.

Occasionally (maybe once every couple months) we have seen this file transfer fail in an ENDED_NOT_OK, even though the report clearly says that no files exist:

20140513/040028.049 - U2000134 Thread '*FT(20730295)' started.
20140513/040028.049 - U0011407 FT '20730295': FileTransfer with partner 'A1004V-UC4A02A' started.
20140513/040028.372 - U0063016 FT '20730295': The file '/apps/ebsuite/frb/custom/auditreportwithipaddress/reports/OLD*' does not exist.
20140513/040028.372 - U0011409 FT '20730295': FileTransfer ended abnormally.
20140513/040028.372 - U2000135 Thread '*FT(20730295)' ended.
Automic support has asked us to provide a trace of this error, but I have no idea how to reproduce this, and we don't have the disk space to just leave a trace running indefinitely.

Has anyone else seen this behavior....and perhaps figured out how to reproduce it?  (Or perhaps had a trace running when one of these incidents occurred?)