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How to call variables in the Request Object" field in a Web Services Object

Question asked by Matt_Woelfel_1344 on Jun 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2014 by Günter_Schulmeister_351


Hello all,

I am fairly new to this software so bare with me!

I am using a SOAP Web Services Object to create incident tickets in Service Now. I have everything set up and I am able to use the "insert" command to create tickets in Service Now, but now I need to populate the "Request Object" fields (the connection fills the tab with various fields such as "category" ""short description" "caller_id" etc). My question is, from a reporting aspect, how can I fill those fields with information from a JOBS in the event that it fails. For instance if I wanted to insert the JOBS name into the "short description" field, how would I access that information without hard coding it in. From my understanding I will put the Web Services object into the post condition of a JOBS so the Web Services object will only execute with specific credentials.

Essentially, I am looking to add these Web Services objects onto the end of JOBS' in a workflow in the event that a JOBS fails, this object will trigger, and pull information from the JOBS to fill the ticket with information that is being created in Service Now.

Thank you in advnace for any help!

- Matt (a lonely intern)