Defaulting queue to the Workflow level from the Schedule object.

Discussion created by GaryChismar605292 on Jul 2, 2014

We have just loaded Automic in our system and are building Jobs / Workflows and Schedules.  We have created multiple queues due to business reasons.  One thing I noticed is that Workflow queues override Job queues.  Also, it appears that Schedule queues override Workflow queues.  We have decided to have all jobs in a workflow so that end users will have the same look and feel as they monitor their jobs so we have been setting the desired queue there.  Now with Schedules, we have to select a queue to run.  This is where I run into an issue.  I will now have to create a 16:00 or 18:00 schedule for each queue if I want to run those tasks in that queue.  That seems like too much in the way of Schedule setup.  Documentation said to use the *OWN in the child queue and it would default subordinate tasks to the Workflow queue.  When we tested this out, it did not work for us.  Am I missing something here?  Documentation does not really go into what a subordinate task it; just that that is where you can set it.  Any help would be appreciated as I have spent hours upon hours trying to get this to work.  It would be nice if at the Schedule level, it would have a checkbox to allow you to default to the Workflow queue.  The reason for the many queues is the ability to stop the queues and restart them.  They only want certain jobs to be paused (stopped) while others continue.  Currently this is done on a job by job basis and sometimes they do not get them all or reactivate them all.  Thanks for listening to my sad newbie story