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Problems with Adobe from V9-sp5

Discussion created by Pete Wirfs on Jul 12, 2014
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We have a .net ConsoleApp that does a shell() function to another application that uses Adobe services to create PDF files.  The Adobe services involve starting AcroRd32.exe.  AcroRd32.exe does not unload at end of job, and the Automic agent will not "end" the task until it is unloaded.  (If I kill AcroRd32.exe from task manager, then the Automic agent is happy and we get ENDED_OK)

I found this related information, but I ran a test for more than 10 minutes wall time and AcroRd32.exe still did not unload;

If I can't solve this, then we will not be able to execute this ConsoleApp from Automic.  I've told my boss I could probably introduce a call to a PowerShell object to kill AcroRd32.exe, but this would be a last-resort solution.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

(This ConsoleApp ends fine when executed from our old version of Appworx.  His agent just lets AcroRd32.exe continue running and doesn't seem to care about it.)