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Question asked by Rob_Fetterhoff_1512 on Jul 23, 2014
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Does anyone know why an object using PREP_PROCESS_FILENAME would work when run manually but not work when part of a workflow?  My code in this object is below.

When I run it manually it sets my variables just fine.  When running in the workflow it doesn't set them at the end it leaves them blank.

ping localhost -n 20 @set retcode=%errorlevel% @if NOT %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 goto :retcode :SET &HND# = PREP_PROCESS_FILENAME("DCAPP03651V","\\FID001_DOM\Network_Data\Shared_Public\Non_ePHI\IT\Ops\Project19\testinginprod\destination\*.*","Y",,,,"UC_LOGIN=LOGIN.ALL") :PROCESS &HND# :   SET &LINE# = GET_PROCESS_LINE(&HND#) :   SET &STRING# = SUBSTR(&LINE#,93) :   PRINT &STRING# :ENDPROCESS :SET &DIRECTORY# = "\\FID001_DOM\Network_Data\Shared_Public\Non_ePHI\IT\Ops\Project19\testinginprod\destination\" :PUT_VAR VARA.LYNN.COPY,"DIRNAME",&DIRECTORY# :PUT_VAR VARA.LYNN.COPY,"FILENAME",&STRING# :PUT_VAR VARA.LYNN.COPY,"SOURCEFILE",&LINE# @set retcode=%errorlevel% @if NOT %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 goto :retcode