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Notification size limits

Question asked by Tyler_Vitanova_1360 on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by Tyler_Vitanova_1360

I know that strings are limited to 1023 characters, and this is causing some headaches when building html tables dynamically in the notification jobs. However I have managed to do it.  The problem I am now facing is that when I got the tables working correctly I thought it would be nice to add in some hyperlinks to documents that were being referenced.  This also works on one hyperlink for testing, but when I went to complete the table with hyperlinks I began getting 1023 character errors.  The place that it is telling me to look doesn't make sense because the variable has already been restricted to 600 characters, so I am thinking that the Notification body text is limited and UC4 has no way of saying this other than to point to the last variable used in the body. Is this accurate?  Is the text of a notification limited to 1023 characters as well?   It would be really sad if this is true.