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I am working on  UC4 Automation Engine V9.00A client.

I am planning to use transport case to export the jobs/workflows into another UC4 system/client.

This is my first time trying hands on with a transport case. I have moved the jobs to transport case in the source UC4 system.But I need to move them to destination uc4 system.I read the documentation but I wasn't very clear on how to.As per the doc ,

"In order to assume the objects to a different UC4 system start the loading program UC4.DB Load and select the required text file. The client to which the data should be loaded can be specified in an extra window. The objects are then stored in the destination client at the same location and with the folder structure as in the original client. If the folder does not yet exist, it is automatically created."

That means I need to install the DB load and unload utilities? If yes , I can go for unix or windows any one of them?

Also I believe I need admin rights. I don't have access to the UC4 CLIENT 000.

Can some one explain step by step the easiest way to use transport case.

Thank you ,