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How to send SQLI VARA output via email?

Question asked by eric.felker on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by TimothyYanosko604352
Hi there,

I'm wondering how I can simply dump the results of an SQLI VARA to email. This feels like it should be easy, but I haven't found that way yet. I've played with PREP_PROCESS_VAR on the SQLI VARA in a CALL object, but this seems way too tedious for simply wanting all of the results from the query sent. I do not want to give end users unlimited access to the DB, so I am looking to build one off solutions that can be locked down and not abused, and also easily shared across many clients as needed. Alternatively, I realize I could build SQL jobs and send the report results, but feels like there should be an easy way to dump an SQLI to email.

For more context, many users are looking for reporting that does not seem to be offered out of the box easily, but which could be pulled from the DB. A common ask is in the form of "how can we get a daily report emailed to us of what jobs ran last night?" A Periods function would probably fit the bill, but a search didn't reveal that, which brought me to the DB itself.

We're running AE v9 SP8 with Oracle DB on Linux.

Thanks for reading; has anyone done this?