WS-Trust / SAML Authentication needed?

Discussion created by David_Jungwirth_307 on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2014 by David_Jungwirth_307
Would this authentication method for the webservice agent be useful for you?

We implemented a new authentication method for our Webservice Agent as custom solution: WS-Trust / SAML. Now we think of productizing that functionality and also provide it to you.

If there is interest for you, we can talk about productizing and delivering this authentication method out-of-the-box with a new webservice agent version. If you're interested in this topic or use WS-Trust / SAML within your company, please let me know as soon as possible...

If there is no interest or response to the topic, we will not include it into our agent and not productize this authentication method...

Looking forward to your responses,

David Jungwirth
Product Manager