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UserInterface upgrade issue: V9-SP9

Discussion created by Pete Wirfs on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by Pete Wirfs
We are planning to upgrade V9-SP5 to V9-SP9 so we can benefit from multiple bug fixes.  The first step is to upgrade the UserInterface.  However I discovered that the SP9 UserInterface is not supposed to be used against any lesser AE's as per this document;

Support has told me that even though they do not recommend using the SP9 UserInterface against lesser AE's, one still can if they use great caution.

This will be terribly inconvenient for the staff that need to access both prod and non-prod during our SP9 testing period if we disallow production access.

If your datacenter ever implemented V9-SP9, how did you manage this UserInterface issue?  (Were you even aware of this being an issue?)