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Where to set the FileTransfer connection timeout?

Question asked by Günter_Schulmeister_351 on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by Günter_Schulmeister_351


sending files over firewalls is an often used feature of our EA. Our security team only opens firewalls from inside to outside. If we transfer files into the other direction, we rely on the procedure described here:


“The sending agent tries to establish a connection to the receiving Agent. If this attempt fails (for example, because of Firewall settings), it notifies the Automation Engine. The FT request is then sent to the receiver which now tries to establish a connection to the sender.”

On all our hosts (independent of the OS) the timeout until an attempt fails and the other agent tries to open an connection is 20 seconds. Now we got a new host (Linux) where it takes 3 minutes till the other agent connects.

Does anybody know where to set the timeout until the EA sends the FT request to the other Agent? Is it an EA setting, an Agent setting or dependent on OS settings?