U0003413 Socket call 'recv' returned error code '73'. caused by icinga checks

Discussion created by Thomas_Baeuml on Nov 4, 2014
We are trying to avoid the error message U0003413 Socket call 'recv' returned error code '73'. caused by icinga checks. 

We use icinga as monitoring tool. ;

We have checks for each cp, wp and agents. A check 'opens' the network port to examine the availability of the uc4 process. You can test that manually in doing a telnet on a cp (for example: telnet uc4server01 8217). The cp answers with "0000014UC4:global001NAT...". The check closes the connection without an exit string (for example exit or quit). Sometimes we get error messages in our cp-Logs. Perhaps we can avoide these error messages, when the checks will send an exit string, which the cp, wp, agent understands. 
Now a check does the following: open connection to port - close connection -> sometimes error messages 
possible future ckeck: open connection to port - send uc4 exit string - close connection -> no error messages

Answer from Support:
The connection is managed by our Communication Process, when a connection is terminated it's not only the simple string like "quit" or "Exit" since it will need to tell client and server and it will come under "message" (it's encrypted and structured) 
There are no way other third party product can simulate the message.

Tags: monitoring, nagios, icinga, checks, port, cp, wp
Reference: Incident INC0329936