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Which product does what ?

Question asked by Konrad_2172 on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by Steven_Nguyen_130
Hi, I am reviewing the requirements at my company to replace the plethora of tools used by Operations.

In short, we have plenty of scripts that fall into one of these categories

i) administer an application such as stop/start application
ii) Deployment as part of release management
iii) Job scheduling {via CA autosys}

Now I understand that Automic has one product , that can do release management DEVOPS style, workload automation and service orchestration.

Is it one product, with one license ?  Let us say we have some powershell scripts to stop/start apps, which one of the features would you use {workload automation or service orchestration} or perhaps I misunderstood the marketing materials ?

Thanks, i will probably add more questions to anyone who is kind to reply to basic questions.