Multi Thread CPU for AE

Discussion created by Chip_Yglesia_812 on Jan 8, 2015
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Currently AE and its processes are only single thread.  The original Automic suggestion was to start up additional DWP and WP processes; however we already have multiple.  They are all only utilizing CPU0 on an 8CPU core server.  This results in high load of CPU0 and less than 1% load of CPU1-7.  We also have multiple CPs, which are also only utilizing CPU0.  After opening a ticket with support, we were advised there is not a way to force AE or its processes to multi thread across cores due to some mysterious supposed issue with java. The java issue was not able to be provided to us in order that we might watch oracle news for when the issue is resolved.  We have been advised an Automic RFE will be opened on our behalf and asked that we also post this to the community here.  See cpu_affinity.png below, noting the PSR (CPU Core Identifier) column.


The image below is CPU core utilization broken out by each individual CPU core.  While we are in a happy place at the moment with CPU0 only hovering around 35%, it is not at all difficult to run into a scenario where we are no longer in a happy place.