[Solved] Calling uxordre from a c# web service on same machine - uuxordre returns Access Deined - In

Discussion created by JamesMP_2751 on Dec 13, 2008
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uuxordre returns Access Deined - Insufficient Priviliges.
I have setup a C# web service to call uxordre.exe . My call is "[b]d:\universe\conupr\exec\uxordre.exe UPR=JOB_ME501 MU=W_LEGASIS[/b]". When I execute the above-mentioned  from the DOS command prompt , it works. However, when my web service tries the same call, it receives the message: "Access Denied - Insufficient Priviliges".  I noticed that when the webservice is excuting other tasks , the Windows task manager indicates the user as NETWORK SERVICE .The web service can run other executables on the machine without any problems. I have set the security permissions on the  Dollar Universe folder for the user "NETWORK SERVICE" to full control.  Dollar Universe has been set up to use the user "production". I have tried to make the webservice use impersonation of the "production" account to no avail. Someone suggested that I must call uxsetenv.bat, then call uxordre.exe, but it had no effect. Is there a setting that I must set to allow the account "NETWORK SERVICE" to run uxordre. My platform is Windows 2003 Server R2  Enterprise Edition Service Pack 2, Dollar Universe 2.4.  Thanks